Friday, November 13, 2009

Divided by Two

I have gathered all my inspiration, travel diaries, fabrics, leathers and the oldbag Winter 2010 collection is under way. The idea actually came about whilst I was travelling in Thailand. Bangkok for me is just a city that is always alive. South of Bangkok lies Ko Samui, an island which would resemble paradise for the most of us. From my travel experiences, I came up with „Divided by Two“ a story about a journey through a land that is overpowered with freshness, water, friendliness and a youthful resonance. The Contrast between modern and traditional, peace and chaos, along with an abundance of temples, prayer, meditation, relaxation, nightlife, colours, lights, food, noodles, buddhas, honesty and people, gave me enough inspiration to be able to base my collection around this theme. The collection is about divisions and opposites within a place. Soft and calm like water or strong and grounded like concrete. Pulling and pushing, conflicting and agreeing, contradictions and honesty. Happy, though poor. Rushing, though at peace. The collection include dresses which are half silk/half wool, some dresses include billowing silk details that look like soft waves, neck pieces made from fabric that resemble bamboo or noodles that stretch and transform in many ways. The day bags are made of leather, big and roomy in stormy and sandy colours, and can be used for light travelling. Suede and Natural leather mixed. They have magnetic closures or Riri quality Swiss zippers with inside pockets. Evening clutch bags are also very roomy and fold down to feature a beautiful leather bow with gold buckle and enamel chopstick. They have 2 magnetic closures. The bags are hand made with slightly distressed vintage looking beautiful soft leather from a Swiss supplier who promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. The leather is of high quality and has various finishes from matt to glossy. Here are some preview pics into the collection ... the fashion launch will be on the 3rd of December in Arbon, Switzerland.

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